Friday, March 6, 2009

Unidentified Flying Studios Visit Troublemaker Studios

Director John Gibson was honored to have Troublemaker studios Special Effects guru, Rodney Brunet, work on his latest short film Future Farmer. Recently, Rodney invited John to take a tour of the famous Troublemaker Studios here in Austin, TX. The studio is creation haven for box office mega hits such as Spy Kids, Grindhouse, Sin City and many more! John got an hour long tour that included amazing sights such as the green screen studio, props studio, design and special effects room. Above is a photo of John exploring the prop from the film Grindhouse. Like Unidentified Flying Studios, Troublemaker is homegrown here in Austin, TX.
John was thankful for the experience and continued inspiration that this awesome location and group of hardworking people continue to offer to the film community here in Austin.

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