Tuesday, March 24, 2009

John Gibson's GUNS-N-ROSES music video

Due to the overwhelming pleas for more videos of John Gibson's "early" work, we have posted the FULL version of the video of John at age 12 doing his first music video. If you don't have 3 minutes to spare, I suggest you skip ahead to the 2:50 minute marker where you can see him lick himself and rip his shirt off like a true rock star. So here it is, John doing GUNS-N-ROSES, "Welcome to the Jungle" in his closet wearing his mother's blonde wig. We will be posting more retro videos in upcoming blogs.

All of us here at Unidentified Flying Studios get a laugh every time from this particular video of John. He obviously hadn't refined his craft just yet (nor a centered camera shot) but you can see the passion is definitely there.

Famous Producer, Director & Screen Writer Ben Taylor

The Austin Network Mixer (networkaustinmixer.com) hosted a presentation by Ben Taylor this month where the folks at Unidentified Flying Studios had the amazing opportunity to meet and talk with Taylor about his current projects.
Ben is the screenwriter of over seventeen produced films and TV-movies, both in the U.S. and in Europe, including the Disney film, "Venus and Mars" . Ben began his career on the HBO series, "The Hitchhiker" before writing a string of hit films in Germany, including the Disney release "Stadtgespr├Ąch" ("Talk of the Town"), the top German film of 1995 starring Martina Gedeck ("The Lives of Others") and Moritz Bleibtreu ("Run, Lola, Run"). As an actor, he can be seen in various works such as "Walk the Line" opposite Joaquin Phoenix and in "Stop Loss" and "Friday Night Lights". He’s most proud of The Ben Taylor Workshop.
His most poignant pieces of advice are summed up and listed below because they were simplistic enough to bullet point but powerful enough to give you the courage to keep creating.

"I wish I could bring a pile of all the scripts that didn't sell. That pile is just as important as my big pile that has sold"

"Sheer perserverance is almost more important than talent"

"Be friends with this up and down [of acceptance and rejection] because it never goes away"

"Meet someone you know you will disappoint but don't want to"

"Be nice. You go alot further being nice to people than being an asshole."