Tuesday, March 24, 2009

John Gibson's GUNS-N-ROSES music video

Due to the overwhelming pleas for more videos of John Gibson's "early" work, we have posted the FULL version of the video of John at age 12 doing his first music video. If you don't have 3 minutes to spare, I suggest you skip ahead to the 2:50 minute marker where you can see him lick himself and rip his shirt off like a true rock star. So here it is, John doing GUNS-N-ROSES, "Welcome to the Jungle" in his closet wearing his mother's blonde wig. We will be posting more retro videos in upcoming blogs.

All of us here at Unidentified Flying Studios get a laugh every time from this particular video of John. He obviously hadn't refined his craft just yet (nor a centered camera shot) but you can see the passion is definitely there.

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  1. LOL...hahahahahahaha..ohhh and this was many years before the Star Wars Kid..


    love the framing..